Experience all aspects of monument preservation, restoration and old building renovation at denkmal! There will be presentations from national and international market leaders, renowned companies with special products, specialist companies, craftsmen, restorers, architects and institutions. The diverse conference programme at denkmal is rightly regarded as the most comprehensive further education event for the industry. This is why national and international experts get together here – you also can take advantage of this opportunity for personal exchange!

Here it's all about the preservation of historical monuments, restoration and renovation of old buildings. You can also experience our live workshops and the Lehmbau trade fair!
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As the most comprehensive further education event for the industry – you can expect plenty of lectures, workshops, award ceremonies and much more at denkmal!
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Exhibitors and Products
From market leaders to specialised craftsmen – here you will be able to find all exhibitors at a glance from summer 2022.
denkmal is the most important European platform for exchange in the industry: make the most of this networking opportunity! More information to follow.