Cultural heritage preservation in the focus of calls for climate-smart sustainability

Event organized by "Europa-Nostra" in cooperation with "Klassik Stiftung Weimar", "Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz" and "Landesdenkmalamt Berlin"

Short description

Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) - Multi purpose area 4


Goal: The major challenges of climate change reach all areas and are increasingly the focus of a wide range of tasks. This also affects the areas of cultural heritage conservation and monument preservation. The Green Deal at the European level and the political goals set in the new coalition agreement at the federal level are the benchmarks.

Demands for the sustainability of cultural building projects and the restoration of monuments are also on the agenda. The preservation of monuments is seen as sustainable and resource-saving per se. The certification discussion irritates and alarms the cultural heritage world. Contradictions and misunderstandings in the ongoing debate, but especially the need for an approach adapted to the specifics of cultural heritage preservation, make a dialogue between cultural heritage preservationists, heritage conservationists, experts and professional politicians urgently necessary. The Cultural Heritage Green Paper of 2021 addresses the challenges and deserves to be more widely publicised. Not least, the event at denkmal is intended to make a contribution to this.

Chair: Dr. Uwe Koch

Introduction to the topic - Cultural heritage and climate-friendly refurbishment. Assessing a field of tension - Dr. Christoph Rauhut, State Conservator Berlin

2. renovation of the Weimar Palace and the sustainability discussion - concept, objectives, challenges - Foundation of Weimar Classicism

3. climate-neutral monument renovation and requirements for private owners, DSD

4. measurable sustainability - experiences with climate-neutral monument renovation from the perspective of an architect - N.N.,

5th Cultural Heritage Green Paper - Europa Nostra

Panel discussion

  • Ms Budde, Member of the Bundestag Chairwoman of the Committee on Culture and the Media
  • Dr. Rauhut
  • DSD
  • Europa Nostra


Europa Nostra
Klassik Stiftung Weimar
Landesdenkmalamt Berlin


Dr. Uwe Koch
Europa Nostra Deutschland


Dr. Christoph Rauhut
Landesdenkmalamt Berlin
Wolff Chistian Stottele
Klassik Stiftung Weimar
Dipl.-Ing. Anette Liebeskind
Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz (DSD)
Dr. Achim Krekeler
Krekeler Architekten Generalplaner GmbH
Prof. Dr. Stefan Simon
Rathgen-Forschungslabor SPK
Guy Clausse
Europa Nostra
Ayhan Ayrilmaz
Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg, Potsdam

Event Location

Congress Center Leipzig (CCL)