7 - 9 November 2024 denkmal


News Overview

11/10/2022 denkmal 2022: Shining a Spotlight on Sustainability in Conservation and Restoration Sustainable construction is becoming increasingly important, both from an ecological and an economic perspective, with conservation and restoration playing a particularly crucial role. After all, nothing in the construction industry is more sustainable than renovating and restoring a building in order to preserve it, continue using it or repurpose it. The industry's collective expertise, from system manufacturers and producers of environmentally friendly construction materials to providers of insulation solutions, sustainable floorings and paints, will be on display at denkmal. Continue reading
27/09/2022 Maintaining Cultural Heritage: The European Route of Brick Gothic Every day, the European Route of Brick Gothic association advocates for the preservation of brick Gothic cultural heritage and conveys its message to a broad audience. An exhibitor at many previous editions of denkmal, the association even won the denkmal gold medal in 2010 for raising awareness of the historical/cultural spaces being opened up for tourism with an emphasis on historical preservation. In an interview, the association's director Dr Edith Kowalski, reveals what the European Route of Brick Gothic is all about. Continue reading
27/09/2022 CONTACT "denkmal" 2022: Shaping the Future Together Since 1994, denkmal has been providing the ideal opportunity for professional dialogue among a wide range of specialists, including architects, planners, artisans, restorers, investors, builders and historical preservation agencies, both in Germany and abroad. Well established since 2008 as the perfect complement to such dialogue, the CONTACT "denkmal" Networking & Matchmaking international exchange will now be held for the first time as a hybrid event! Continue reading
13/09/2022 Some News From Us: Mariella Riedel Is Returning to Her Role of Project Director Just in time for the final preparations for denkmal 2022, we are pleased to announce that Project Director Mariella Riedel has returned from maternity leave. She has already been working on our leading European trade fair for a few days with great enthusiasm. Continue reading
18/08/2022 Conference Programme – Symposium: The Preservation of Cultural and Architectural Heritage in Conflict and Crisis Regions The preservation of cultural and architectural heritage in conflict and crisis regions has recently gained considerably in significance. This highly relevant topic in heritage conservation will be addressed at a symposium on 25 November 2022 from 10 am to 4 pm in Hall 4 of the Congress Center Leipzig (CCL), as part of the denkmal conference programme. The symposium will be hosted by the following high-profile organisations: The German National Committee of ICOMOS, the German Archaeological Institute, the German Commission for UNESCO and Blue Shield Germany. Continue reading
18/08/2022 Riga Art and Media Technical School: Learning How to Rescue Churches A unique, modern take on historical preservation work is enjoying growing popularity in Latvia. In major projects, groups of young students are breathing new life into old and partly destroyed churches. The concept promoted by the Riga Art and Media Technical School is taking off and increasing its footprint. The school will be presenting true masterpieces at denkmal 2022. Continue reading