7 - 9 November 2024 denkmal


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26/09/2023 denkmal wishes luck ...: At the EuroSkills 2023 in Gdansk! denkmal congratulates Jonas Lauhoff from Thuringia on his impressive success as European champion in the carpentry trade at EuroSkills 2023. 576 skilled workers from 32 countries competed in 42 trades at the international event. The German national carpentry team, supported by Holzbau Deutschland, is thus continuing its impressive success story. Continue reading
26/09/2023 denkmal celebrates ...: 30 years of the German Society for Protection of Cultural Property The German Society for Protection of Cultural Property (DGKS) is a non-profit association that has been dedicated to the protection of cultural property in crisis and emergency situations since 1993. The association believes that the protection of cultural property, minorities and the environment are not tasks for the state alone, but also require voluntary commitment. At the end of August, the anniversary conference of the association took place in Grimma under the motto "From retrospect to the future" - and the denkmal team was also there! Today, the chairwoman of the association, Irene Pamer-Gatzsche, reports in an interview on 30 years of dedicated association work and explains why the protection of cultural assets absolutely requires voluntary commitment. Continue reading
26/09/2023 denkmal meets ...: The State Conservator of Westphalia-Lippe, Dr. Holger Mertens In our column "Monument Conservation in Germany" we talk to the German state conservators. We shed light on their work, the current situation in their respective states, and the most significant challenges they face. In this issue, we present an interview with Dr. Holger Mertens, the state conservator of Westphalia-Lippe. Among other things, he discusses the current challenges regarding the new monument protection law, reports on the opening of this year's Open Monument Day in Münster and explains the importance of this event for the public perception of monuments. Continue reading
14/12/2022 Amazing Atmosphere and Vast Variety: The Exhibition at denkmal 2022 At denkmal, 351 exhibitors from 12 countries presented their products and services in all sectors of monument preservation and restoration. The entire spectrum of the industry was represented, from manufacturers, trades and restoration companies to institutions and initiatives. After the 2020 edition was cancelled due to the pandemic, there was excitement in the air throughout the event that denkmal was finally taking place again. Continue reading
14/12/2022 Sustainability and Climate Protection: Vital Topics in the Spotlight at the denkmal Conference The denkmal conference programme once again confirmed its deserved position as the most extensive further education event in the entire industry. A major focus this year was on a range of topics relating to sustainability and climate protection. High-profile national and international institutions came together at denkmal to develop strategies to secure a firmer position on the political agenda for the significant contribution that monument preservation and conservation can make to fighting climate change. Continue reading
14/12/2022 The denkmal Gold Medal Award Ceremony: The Winners The 13th award ceremony for the denkmal gold medals took place at denkmal 2022. Ten exhibitors at this year's trade fair were awarded the coveted and prestigious seal of quality, which honours excellent achievements in European monument conservation. Winners were chosen by a panel of independent and international experts from the monument conservation industry. Continue reading