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14/12/2022 denkmal

Sustainability and Climate Protection: Vital Topics in the Spotlight at the denkmal Conference

The denkmal conference programme once again confirmed its deserved position as the most extensive further education event in the entire industry. A major focus this year was on a range of topics relating to sustainability and climate protection. High-profile national and international institutions came together at denkmal to develop strategies to secure a firmer position on the political agenda for the significant contribution that monument preservation and conservation can make to fighting climate change.

At the numerous events dedicated to such topics, content revolved around the effects of climate change on monuments as well as the significant contribution to climate protection that existing buildings can make. Contributors to the high-profile events at the conference included Europa Nostra, the German UNESCO Commission, ICOMOS Germany, the German National Committee for Historic Preservation (DNK) and the Fraunhofer Information Centre for Regional Planning and Building Construction (Fraunhofer IRB). "At the Fraunhofer IRB, we are extremely satisfied with our appearance at the trade fair this year and with the amazing response to our 'Denkmal for Future' event, says Volker Schweizer, whose responsibilities include media content on planning and building at the Fraunhofer Information Centre for Regional Planning and Building Construction.

We also received very positive feedback from the DNK (German National Committee for Monument Protection) and the VDL (German Federal Association of State Monument Conservationists). "The decision to focus on the issues of sustainability and climate change turned out to be just perfect. Much of the work we do in monument conservation has always been in keeping with the political and social issues under discussion today. Right now, it is essential to reinforce this message", explains Dr Ulrike Wendland, head of the DNK office. Similar comments were provided by Prof Dr Markus Harzenetter, chairman of the VDL and the denkmal Advisory Board. "By focusing on sustainability, denkmal is operating at the forefront of the issues of our time. Monument conservation plays an advocacy role in the careful use of resources and leads by example".

Alongside these critical major topics, almost all aspects of monument preservation and restoration were also covered at numerous other events. One particular highlight was the ICOMOS conference on "Listed buildings in times of conflicts and disasters". Visitors also showed great interest in the events on conservation outreach, industrial culture and intangible cultural heritage. At denkmal 2022, architects could benefit from an especially comprehensive selection of events. More than 80 events qualified as recognised further education modules. Exhibitors such as Xella were thrilled by the crowds flocking to their self-organised seminars. The stonemasons were also very happy with the success of their award ceremony for the highly acclaimed Peter Parter Prize, which was held at denkmal. "Our award ceremony and the stonemasons' seminar were very well received. There is a real buzz here in Leipzig. We will certainly be back at the next edition to show once again that monument conservation is not possible without stonemasons", says Sybille Trawinski, Managing Director of the Federal Association of Stonemasons (Bundesverband Deutscher Steinmetze).

Leipziger Messe GmbH / Tom Schulze
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