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A Look at the Future of the Industry: Products Premiering at denkmal 2022

As Europe's leading trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation, denkmal in Leipzig has been working with its outstanding partners to unite tradition, innovation and vision since 1994. In 2022, market leaders, established companies and exciting newcomers premiering numerous new products will once again be providing inspiration for the industry's future. Examples of these products will include key innovative technologies for hazardous material remediation and safety in historical preservation projects, novel solutions for doors and flooring, ground-breaking methods for glass, solar and cleaning, new pigments and pigment solutions, and cutting-edge solar roofing tiles as discreet alternatives to classic solar panels.

From 24 to 26 November, visitors can expect a wide array of exciting global, national and trade-fair premieres of products, innovations and solutions from many different fields within the industry.

Highly Innovative Key Technologies for Hazardous Material Remediation and Safety

Interior air contaminated with organic pollutants often makes it virtually impossible to renovate listed buildings. Lynatox will be presenting a unique trade-fair premiere with its innovative air purifiers that can be set up on a temporary basis and provide an alternative solution in restoration. FrimTec will introduce experts at the trade fair to its IntelligentMonitoringSystem, a highly innovative system for remotely monitoring crack movement, temperature and humidity in buildings, both inside and out.

Novel Solutions for Doors and Flooring

RP Technik will be presenting an extension to its rp fineline design series for renovations that meet historical preservation requirements. This specialist for steel profile systems from north-western Germany now has a steel-and-glass door in its portfolio with a very narrow area for the lock case. Also making its debut at the fair will be the Janisol Arte 2.0 steel system from Schüco International KG. This product now comes as a door with an exceptionally narrow visible width and outstanding performance values. Previously available only as a window glazing and fixed glazing system, Arte 2.0 can now be used as French windows and as CE-certified doors for exterior and interior applications. R. Brunner AG will be at denkmal presenting its Historical Protector fire safety system, which allows restorers to bring historically valuable doors up to required fire codes (class EI30/60).

In a Germany-wide premiere, Ventano will be presenting its cement tiles which are 12 mm thick and thus make it possible to create a seamless transition to other floor coverings. The company will also be presenting historical lockable window handles and historical protective fittings. Another exciting debut at the fair will be S. Fischbacher Living GmbH, presenting its Horse antique collection. This range of solid oak, hand-aged herringbone parquet for repairing floors that cannot be preserved is available in various shades.

Ground-Breaking Solar, Glass and Cleaning Methods

Nelskamp will be at this year's denkmal to present a one-of-a-kind world premiere: its Nelskamp G10 S PV solar roof tile. The company developed its G10 S PV element to provide a lasting supply of electricity for private homes or large-scale buildings. Aesthetically pleasing, discreet and efficient, these roofing tiles are now available and have already been installed as solar tiles on many roofs.

Sollingglas Bau und Veredelungs GmbH & Co. KG has set itself on a course for sustainability with a newly developed method that will celebrate its German debut at denkmal: recycling plate glass into true antique, mouth-blown glass. The method makes it possible to use the original historical glass in glazing that meets today's standards, thus maintaining the character of historical buildings.

Remmers will be on hand with a further national premiere. One highlight will be their AC Marble product, a novel all-rounder for repairing marble surfaces. The company also has two products up its sleeve for cleaning culturally and historically valuable buildings without harming the environment: Arte Mundit, a self-curing cleaning paste for interior wall surfaces, and Clean Galena, a BAKA-winning product for cleaning natural stone facades that is safe for the environment and uses no water.

Innovative Pigments and Pigment Solutions

Kremer Pigmente will be celebrating the world premiere of its innovative Solvent pigment solutions. Dissolved in methoxy propanol PM at a concentration of 4.4%, these can be used for transparent printing inks, as wood stains and for colouring solvent-containing paints, moulding compounds, epoxide and polyester resins, oil-based varnishes and similar applications. A second product innovation will make it possible to dye objects with indigo, a pigment rich in history.

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