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denkmal 2022: Experience Restoration and Craftsmanship Live

Restorers and craftspeople play a key role in preserving our architectural heritage. Their special expertise and skills are essential when working with historical structures. At denkmal from 24 to 26 November 2022 in Leipzig, these experts and their potential clients will be getting together. Companies representing all the major skilled trades as well as academically trained restorers will be presenting their products and services, offering an in-depth look at the impressive scope of their work and sharing their knowledge with interested visitors. Highlights will be provided by the joint activities of the Association of Artisan Restorers (DRH) and the Association of Restorers (VDR). Furthermore, the urgently needed next generation of restorers will be offered plenty of exciting opportunities at denkmal to discover their talents by attending "Living Workshops", where they can try their hand at restoration directly at the trade fair.

Restoration as a profession is very wide-ranging, and this variety is the profession's strength. This year marks the second time that the DRH and VDR will be joining forces at denkmal and offering insights into the broad scope of their work.

Covering nearly 300 square meters, the DHR stand will show how fascinating and varied the art of restoration can be and what it involves. Eight trades will be represented, from painters, bricklayers, stonemasons, plasterers and metalworkers to carpenters, joiners and interior designers. There will also be a demonstration area where glaziers, parquet layers and fire gilders will demonstrate their crafts. On all three days of the trade fair, visitors to the DHR stand can expect a varied programme including half-hour presentations on various aspects of the profession.

One special highlight of the fair will be a VDR stand simulating live disaster repair work. The Cologne Emergency Association for Archives and Libraries (Kölner Notfallverbund) will present its roll-off container for preserving cultural assets. This sustainable rescue system delivers "first aid" for objects damaged in disasters and will be on-site for denkmal visitors to study. The Cologne pilot project is just the beginning. In accordance with the decision by the Federal Cabinet on 13 July 2022 to strengthen resilience to disasters, there are plans to set up more emergency containers in Germany.

The VDR and DHR will also be presenting a lecture series on day two of the trade fair. Manuela Prechtel, who holds a diploma in restoration, and stone masonry restorer Michael Pitack will deliver a keynote presentation demonstrating how theory and practice come together. The pair worked together to restore Cologne's Hermann-Josef Fountain (built in 1894) and have been nominated for this year's Peter Parler Prize. This will be the second time that the prestigious award is to be presented at denkmal and the ceremony will be held on 25 November 2022 at 2 pm. For the German Association of Stonemasons (BIV), the award is the highlight of their trade fair appearance.

Restoration: From Tools to Practical Applications

If restorers and historical preservationists are to have the best possible conditions for practising their art, then they need the right materials, tools and equipment. Deffner & Johann, the leading provider in this field, will be represented at denkmal where the company will also present conceptual solutions for equipping restoration workshops, maintaining collections and handling art. Restaurierung Neubacher will be demonstrating how the company's dedication to studying, conserving, restoring and reconstructing art and cultural assets made of metal and ceramic can work in practice. SPAU is an exhibitor specialising in the professional restoration of archaeological finds.

Renovating Historical Structures Requires Special Expertise

While only a few of the large companies operating in the skilled trades in Germany are dedicated specifically to historical preservation, they nevertheless cover a wide range of services. The three major restoration companies Bennert, Kramp & Kramp and Nüthen will all be at denkmal to present their extensive portfolios ranging from masonry renovation and natural stone and plaster projects to painting and woodworking. URETEK Deutschland comes into play whenever floor cavities stand in the way of renovation projects. The company's minimally invasive injection process makes it possible to fill cavities in virtually any type of floor and reinforce the building foundation. Hasit Trockenmörtel specialises in the protective renovation of walls that have been exposed to damaging moisture and salt. If you're looking for experts in roofing and roofing projects, then Josef Müller Bedachungen is the company for you.

Traditional Craftsmanship with Wood and Metal

Age-old carpentry techniques using historical and healthy building materials are the speciality of Holz- und Lehmbau GmbH Christof Wanderer, a company covering everything from project planning to implementation. Woodworking and wood processing are the passion of companies like Holzmanufaktur Rottweil and R. Brunner, the latter of which also provides the specialised expertise required to reinforce culturally valuable doors with steel frames in the Bauhaus style. "Metalworking in the finest, time-honoured tradition" is the motto of the Atelierschmiede Harz, a blacksmith studio that has been creating metal interior and exterior design elements and decorative pieces for generations. Maintaining and restoring old metal products, from planning to installation, is the speciality of the Metalldrückerei Thomas Müller metalworking shop.

Glass in All Its Glory

When it comes to glass, Lamberts Glassworks combines expertise, tradition and variety. The company produces handmade, mouth-blown glass objects at its workshop in over 5,000 different colours and structures. The Denk-Mal-Glas company will be at denkmal presenting Histoglas, a proprietary solution for preserving existing glass while still meeting the requirements of building codes and historical preservation. Glass also plays an essential role in lighting. Handwerksbetrieb der Denkmalpflege Paul Lorenz, a historical preservation workshop, focuses on restoring and reconstructing historical light fixtures and on creating new lighting that is true to the original.

Locks and Metal Fittings: Restoration, Originals and Replicas

Locks and metal fittings are an important aspect of the interiors of historical buildings. At denkmal, a wide variety of solutions are on show for you to discover. Sächsische Schloss- und Beschlagschmiede Roberto Weigel restores historical components and finds solutions to meet modern security standards. GSG Baubeschläge specialises in manufacturing handcrafted building fittings according to historical models and creating single pieces as well as small batches. High-quality replicas for restoration work meeting historical preservation standards are part of the Ventano Beschläge portfolio.

Preserving the Future of denkmal: Opportunities for the Next Generation

Whether you are at school or university, an apprentice or a teacher, denkmal 2022 offers a huge amount of information for you on the amazing variety of opportunities in historical preservation and restoration. You'll receive first-hand answers to questions such as "What can I expect from a career in historical preservation?", "Are apprenticeships, internships or jobs available?" or "How do you become a travelling journeyman?" At denkmal, talented young people can discover their dream career by trying their hand at the profession on the spot in "Living Workshops" where professionals from a wide variety of trades will be on hand to provide interested young people with personal support. In addition, educational centres and institutes offering vocational and university-level training and further education will also be on hand to present their institutions in person.

Exhibitors offering opportunities for the younger generation include Bennert, which will be holding a carpentry and woodworking training workshop, showing models of plumbing and gilding work and presenting a "Bricklayers and Restorers" area. The German Foundation for Monument Conservation (Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz) will have information at its stand about serving voluntary service (FSJ) at the "Jugendbauhütten" historical preservation centres and about communal activities as well as presenting various skilled trades. Other exhibitors offering opportunities tailored to future professionals include Arbortech Europe, Holzmanufaktur Rottweil, Kremer Pigmente, PERI, Ventano Beschläge and Wilhelm Modersohn.

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