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Stand oil paints in the preservation of monuments

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Oil paints have proven themselves for centuries for durable coatings on wood and ferrous metals indoors and outdoors. The linseed oil obtained from cold-pressed linseed cross-links under oxygen absorption to form a resistant, waterproof paint film and securely binds pigments.

Standing oil paints" are qualities that have been produced from long-stored, stale linseed oil - a quality term in terms of drying, hardness and water resistance! Today, the range of BEECK stand oil paints covers all areas of application in the restoration and preservation of historic buildings. True to style in terms of material and weathering, suitable for listed buildings in pigmentation and appearance, contemporary in ease of maintenance and processing properties, BEECK Stand Oil Paints have long since made the leap out of their niche and set standards for modern coating qualities.


Timo Ascherl
BEECK`sche Farbwerke GmbH

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Congress Center (CCL)