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22/06/2022 denkmal

denkmal 2022: Conference Programme – Event on Cultural Heritage and Climate Change

The European Union has set a goal of climate neutrality by 2050 and set out a roadmap for common policy in the European Green Deal. The major challenges with regard to climate change also have an impact on the future of cultural heritage and monument preservation. To achieve the above goal, meaningful dialogue is urgently needed amongst keepers of cultural heritage, preservationists, experts and political specialists with a focus on developing an approach that is suited to the particularities of cultural heritage conservation. This year's meeting of Europa Nostra in cooperation with the Klassik Stiftung Weimar, the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz and the Berlin State Office for the Preservation of Monuments, which will take place as part of the denkmal conference programme, will contribute to this.

"The major challenges of climate change affect all areas and are increasingly a central focus in a variety of fields. This is also the case in the fields of cultural heritage conservation and monument preservation. The European Green Deal and the policy goals set out in the new coalition in Germany provide the necessary framework. Demands for sustainability in cultural building projects and monument renovation and the protection of resources present abstract challenges of their own that require targeted solutions," explains Uwe Koch, President of Europa Nostra Germany.

Now we must ask ourselves how new solutions for monument preservation in times of climate change might look. How can we find new concepts to resolve the supposed tension between monument preservation and climate protection? Combating climate change is this generation's most important task – and Europe's rich and diverse cultural heritage can help with this. To take a leading role in this challenge, organisations and experts on cultural heritage, climate and finance already published the European Cultural Heritage Green Paper in March 2021. It focuses on Europe's shared heritage as central to the European Green Deal.

"By its very definition, monument preservation involves sustainability and the conservation of resources. The certification controversy is a source of irritation and concern in the world of cultural heritage. Contradictions and misunderstandings in the ongoing debate and especially the need for an approach that is suited to the particularities of cultural heritage conservation make dialogue among cultural heritage keepers, preservationists, experts and specialist politicians absolutely imperative. The 2021 Cultural Heritage Green Paper, which was developed by Europa Nostra in cooperation with others, addresses these challenges and deserves greater recognition. Creating such awareness is also one of the aims of the event at denkmal 2022," Koch emphasises.

As part of the denkmal 2022 conference programme, in the first section of the event on "The Need for Climate-Compatible Sustainability – A Focus on Cultural Heritage Preservation/Monument Renovation", visitors can look forward to five different approx. 25-minute lectures. The varied programme of lectures will be followed by a one-hour panel discussion and conclude with a short 30-minute reception. "Dr Christoph Rauhut, Director of the Berlin State Office for the Preservation of Monuments, will begin the event with an introductory lecture outlining the fields of tension and offering various examples illustrating problems and potential solutions, areas of conflict, and inspiration for further discussion. Prof Dr Stefan Simon, Director of the Rathgen Research Laboratory SPK, will examine the topic of cultural heritage as a resource. Then the programme will turn to more concrete matters. The Klassik Stiftung Weimar will present their renovation concept for Schloss Weimar. A variety of perspectives on the topic are expected to be included. The architectural trade will devote itself to the question of how to measure sustainability. Architect Dr Achim Krekeler will discuss his experiences with the use of photovoltaics in monument restoration. Finally, the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz will add the topic of preservation conflict situations from the perspective of monument owners to the debate. Additionally, a discussion is planned with members of parliament. The Chair of the German Federal Committee on Cultural and Media Affairs, Katrin Budde, and Deputy Chair Marco Wanderwitz are invited and have already expressed interest," the President of Europa Nostra Germany reports.

Photo: Leipziger Messe GmbH/Tom Schulze
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