Key exhibition areas

There are various key exhibition areas at denkmal. To help you plan your visit to the trade fair, you can find an overview of the different areas here.

Thematic Areas – with selected exhibitors and programme items

At denkmal, visitors have the opportunity to explore all aspects of monument preservation, restoration and old building renovation and to experience cultural heritage first hand. You can meet market leaders and small specialists and discover the wide variety of trades on offer, ranging from traditional and rare craft techniques to innovative new solutions. Furthermore, the European trade fair is a popular port of call for international trade visitors and also has plenty on offer for the next generation joining the industry.

  • Crafts in monument preservation and restoration
  • Building and repair materials
  • Construction equipment, tools, machinery
  • Conservation and restoration of art and cultural heritage
  • Conservation and restoration materials
  • Instruments, tools and technical equipment for restorers
  • Preservation, safeguarding and repair of cultural monuments and historical buildings
  • Preservation of archaeological and field monuments
  • Conservation of garden monuments and cultural landscapes
  • Urban and rural revitalisation
  • Security and construction technology for public and private cultural monuments
  • Data collection, information systems, documentation and inventory, scientific investigation methods
  • Authorities, institutions, chambers, ministries, foundations, associations, churches
  • Specialist publishers, specialist literature
  • Professional and advanced training
  • Tourism and monument preservation
  • Services
  • Loam construction (specialist areas in the loam construction trade fair)