FAQ for exhibitors

Answers to all your frequently asked questions about exhibiting at denkmal in Leipzig:

General information

Why is it a good idea to exhibit at denkmal?

Since 1994, denkmal has been making significant contributions to the preservation of our cultural heritage with its unique concept, interdisciplinary profile and high-quality conference programme in Leipzig. As an exhibitor at this leading European trade fair, you can engage in direct conversation with various industry players and offer visitors insights into various facets of monument conservation, restoration and renovation of old buildings.

Reasons to exhibit are listed on our website.

Does denkmal have a hygiene concept?

There are currently no hygiene restrictions on events.

Where can I find information about travel and accommodations?

The following sub-pages offer comprehensive information on how to get to denkmal and your stay in Leipzig:

Where can I park during the trade fair?

Parking on the grounds of the Leipziger Messe is available to exhibitors for a fee. Beginning June 2024, you can easily purchase a parking permit in the Exhibitor Online Shop under "Services". You can also buy a permit on-site from the Last Minute Service on the final day of construction and the first day of the trade fair.

No parking permit is required for construction and dismantling. All you need is a copy of your stand allocation as access authorisation for you and your construction staff.

Exhibitor registration

What are the important dates and times for exhibitors?

An overview of all the important dates and times for exhibitors concerning registration, stand allocation and construction periods can be found on our website.

Please be sure to observe the specific registration deadlines for each service or procedure. Processing of the various orders often happens at the same time, which is why each form must be submitted separately.

How can I register as an exhibitor at denkmal?

Exhibitor registration takes place exclusively online.

If you have previously exhibited, you can use your login data to register. Please enter your user data (customer account and password) from the last event.

If you are a new exhibitor, you can register without logging in.

Further information is available in our Conditions of Participation .

Please note: It is not possible to make changes to the information you have submitted on the registration form. If you wish to change anything, please send your updated exhibitor registration by email to a.schliefke@leipziger-messe.de.

When do I have to register as an exhibitor?

There is no deadline. However, you can benefit from an early-bird discount if you register before 31 March 2024. After that, the standard rates apply.

We recommend that you register by 31 March 2024. From then on, we will begin planning the layout of the exhibition hall.

You can find out more on Dates & Prices

Do I have to register co-exhibitors or an additionally represented company?

Co-exhibitors and companies additionally represented on the stand must be registered by the main exhibitor.

The registration should be submitted together with the main exhibitor's online registration . Any later registrations can be made via your online registration.

There is a fee for each co-exhibitor and additionally represented company. You can find the prices in the Special Conditions of Participation (PDF, 261 kB) .

As the main exhibitor, you will receive a free exhibitor pass for each co-exhibitor. Co-exhibitors will be listed in the exhibitor directory. A media flat rate will be charged for each co-exhibitor.

Please note that exhibitors are not allowed to sublet their allocated stand to a third party or use it for any other purpose (e.g. advertising for another company) without the approval of Leipziger Messe GmbH (see General Conditions of Participation (PDF, 178 kB) ).

Why does Leipziger Messe GmbH charge a media flat rate?

The media flat rate includes the mandatory entry in the exhibitor directory and the app. It also includes the use of a promotional code for an unlimited number of customer invitations without any additional charge. Furthermore, it covers a wide selection of advertising materials. For a breakdown of all items included in the media flat rate, please refer to the Special Conditions of Participation (PDF, 261 kB) .

The media flat rate is obligatory for all exhibitors and co-exhibitors at a cost of EUR 295.00 plus VAT. The invoice will be issued to the main exhibitor.

Important Information:

Our sole and exclusive contractor for the production of the exhibitor directory and the denkmal advertising campaign is NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA GmbH. Other publishers who issue similar catalogues and directories are not authorised by us. We strongly recommend that you carefully read all offers and forms issued by other companies and pay particular attention to the "small print".

When will I get the invoice for my exhibition rental?

The invoice for your exhibition rental will be issued by Leipziger Messe GmbH approximately 6 weeks before the start of the trade fair. During registration, you can choose to have your invoice sent by email and enter a central billing address for your company or institution.

Invoices for services will be issued around 4 weeks after the trade fair.

You will have 4 weeks to dispute the invoice from the date of issue.

Can I cancel my registration?

Exhibitors must submit their registration withdrawals to Leipziger Messe GmbH in writing.

A cancellation fee of EUR 410.00 plus VAT applies to withdrawals made prior to admission confirmation. Please take note of our General Conditions of Participation (PDF, 178 kB) and Special Conditions of Participation (PDF, 261 kB) .

What should I do if my address changes?

If your contact and address details change, please inform Leipziger Messe GmbH immediately in writing by email to a.schliefke@leipziger-messe.de.

Please note that we will charge you a processing fee of EUR 25.00 for a change of address after the invoice has been issued.

Stand planning

What happens after registering as an exhibitor?

After you have registered as an exhibitor, you will soon receive your confirmation of admission and can then begin with your further preparations for the trade fair. Beginning in mid-June 2024, we will issue your stand allocation and stand number together with your access data. You can then book any additional services via our Online Shop for exhibitors.

Where can I find information on stand packages, prices and other offers?

A selection of stand packages (PDF, 292 kB) using modular systems is available at denkmal. You can find an overview and detailed information under Dates & Prices . The stand packages can be booked as part of your Online registration .

You are welcome to take advantage of our new additional services, which you can also book when you register online:

Our service package "Cleaning, waste disposal, parking" from EUR 115.00 plus VAT includes the following services:

  • Daily evening stand cleaning
  • Waste bag set
  • Car/van parking at the exhibition centre

Our marketing package at a price of EUR 785.00 plus VAT includes the following services Content:

  • Scan2Lead Smart licence
  • Additional exhibitor passes free of charge
  • One logo placement in a denkmal letter in the 2024 trade fair year
  • Digital advertising space in the denkmal FORUM
  • A basic package in the exhibitor directory
  • An impression photo of your own stand during denkmal

Is it possible to select a specific stand location?

We are happy to accommodate your requests regarding the placement of your exhibition stand. Please inform us of your wishes in as much detail as possible when registering as an exhibitor. We will begin planning the layout of the exhibition hall in April/May 2024.

However, we cannot guarantee your requested stand location.

How can I book additional services?

At denkmal, numerous services and additional features are available. Simply book them in the Exhibitor Online Shop . Please use your customer login data for this.

Please be aware of registration deadlines and any late fees that may apply.

I have lost the login details for my customer account. Now what?

Click on www.leipziger-messe.de/customerlogin and follow the "forgot password" link. On the following page, you will be asked to enter your username or the company email address of the main exhibitor. Access is via your user account. The "user" data is sent to all main exhibitors together with the stand allocation. After you have requested a password, you will receive an email with temporary access data. Please note that for technical reasons, this email will be sent to the company email address of the registered main exhibitor and not to the person responsible for the trade fair or the member of staff who has asked for the access data. After your first login, you will be asked to change your password. It is important to retain your new password for access to all further activities in your customer account.

What are the dates for stand construction and dismantling?

Stand construction

Construction and dismantling of exhibition stands are possible at the following times:


  • Monday, 4 November 2024, 7 am–8 pm
  • Tuesday, 5 November 2024, 7 am–8 pm
  • Wednesday, 6 November 2024, 7 am–3 pm

Stand package construction will be completed by 10 am on Wednesday, 6 November 2024.

You can continue decorating your stand after 3 pm on 6 November 2024. However, it is no longer possible to drive vehicles into the exhibition hall from 3 pm on.

Please note: You and your staff need to show a copy of the stand allocation to gain admission to the grounds of the Leipziger Messe.


  • Saturday, 9 November 2024, 4 pm–10 pm
  • Sunday, 10 November 2024, 7 am–8 pm
  • Monday, 11 November 2024, 7 am–8 pm

Vehicles will be allowed access to the grounds of the Leipziger Messe and the hall from 5 pm on 9 November.

Trade Fair opening times:

  • Thursday, 7 November 2024, 9:30 am–6 pm
  • Friday, 8 November 2024, 9:30 am–6 pm
  • Saturday, 9 November 2024, 9:30 am–4 pm

Last-minute stand construction and stand equipment:

Last Minute Service is located in the Glass Hall. Here you can order selected stand construction services (for an additional cost) on 6 November 2024 (9 am–6 pm) and on the first day of the trade fair (7 November 2024 from 8 am–12 pm).

Last-minute parking:

If you don't already have a parking permit for the duration of the trade fair, you can buy one at the Last Minute Service office at the Nord 1 entrance

  • on 6 November 2024 from 9 am–6 pm and
  • on 7 November 2024 from 8 am–12 pm.

When and how does my stand need to be staffed?

Exhibition stands must be staffed on all three days of the trade fair from at least 9:30 am. Staff must stay until 6 pm on the first two days and 4 pm on the last day.

Are there specific admission rules for stand staff/ exhibitor passes?

Before the trade fair, please make sure that each member of your team has an exhibitor pass or other access authorisation (e.g. visitor ticket).

Your free exhibitor passes can be downloaded from the Exhibitor Online Shop beginning in October 2024. The passes must be personalised in the process.

Exhibitors will receive free passes as follows:

  • Up to 12 m²: 2 passes
  • From 13 m² to 20 m²: 3 passes
  • For each additional 10 m²: 1 pass
  • Up to a maximum of 20 passes

If you need any additional exhibitor passes, you can purchase them at the Exhibitor Online Shop . These must also be personalised.

To ensure speedy access to the event, we request that you download and print your passes before you arrive at the Exhibition Centre.

The exhibitor pass authorises the holder to use public transport in selected zones during the trade fair to travel to and from Leipziger Messe, and grants access between 8 am and 7 pm.

Please note that entry with a visitor ticket is only possible during the regular opening hours (from 9:30 am).

Passes are not required during stand construction and dismantling.

What should I bear in mind when constructing and decorating my stand?

Please take note of our technical guidelines (PDF, 1 MB) and fire safety regulations at Leipziger Messe.

Approval of your planned stand is carried out using a semi-automated procedure. This is an easy and convenient way for you to communicate the necessary information about your stand plans. You will then receive information about any requirements necessary to ensure safe operations.

Our event technology team will also send you an email with a link to a separate page of questions and a password for it. After you have initially registered with this >>single-use password<<, we recommend creating a custom password so that you can save data while working and continue later. Please complete your entries promptly.

The control procedures required for stand operators during the construction, dismantling, and operation phases with regard to respecting technical guidelines and applicable laws, orders, and provisions remain essential to the safe use of the event location.

Please contact our event technology team with any questions (Phone: +49 (0)341 678-9906 / event-management@leipziger-messe.de).

Can I have packages delivered to my stand?

Yes, you may receive packages during stand construction and throughout the trade fair. They will be delivered to your stand between 8 am and 5 pm. Shipments must be addressed as follows:

Name of event
Name of recipient/company
Hall/stand number
Messe-Allee 1
04356 Leipzig GERMANY

Booking additional services

How will I be listed as an exhibitor in the exhibitor directory?

As an exhibitor, you pay a compulsory media flat rate. This entitles you to automatic entries in the exhibitor directory and the app.

Entries covered by the media flat rate include:

  • your company name, address, phone number, email and website
  • hall and stand number
  • contact name and details (phone, email, social media buttons)
  • 2 product categories
  • one or more exhibition areas
  • one product presentation

Beginning in June 2024, please take the time to check your details in the Exhibitor Online Shop . If you require any further services, they will also be available for booking from June 2024 in the Exhibitor Online Shop .

How can I book additional entries in the exhibitor directory and the app?

All media services offered by NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA GmbH can be ordered by main exhibitors from June 2024 under "Media Services / Exhibitor Directory" in the Exhibitor Online Shop . This includes services such as entries in the online exhibitor directory and online banners.

Where can I find an overview of all services?

All services including stand construction and equipment, electricity, water and internet connections, parking permits, stand cleaning, security, graphics and media services can be booked beginning in June 2024 in the Exhibitor Online Shop . These can be found under "Services".

How can I make use of denkmal advertising materials?

Draw attention to your exhibition appearance using the wide range of denkmal advertising materials. Find out more about the available options. Information on ordering and downloads can be found under Advertising and PR service offers .

You can also order advertising materials from our Exhibitor Online Shop .

Is it possible to invite my customers to denkmal free of charge?

As a registered exhibitor, you will receive a promotion code together with your stand allocation. Simply use the code to invite an unlimited number of customers without incurring any additional costs.

Send the code to your customers stating "only valid online in the ticket shop at www.denkmal-leipzig.de/ticket". They can then enter the code to receive a free day pass to visit denkmal.

Please note that the ticket is only valid for entry during the regular opening times for visitors.

Is it possible to become a sponsor of denkmal?

If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact: Stephanie Weichhold ( s.weichhold@leipziger-messe.de ), +49 341/678-8286.

Where can I find information on traffic management at Leipziger Messe?

Logisitics information will be available in the denkmal travel management guidelines beginning in September 2024.

Hotel booking

For denkmal 2024, as an exhibitor you benefit from our hotel conditions and special cancellation deadlines. You can find an overview here: https://www.denkmal-leipzig.de/en/direction/visit-accomodation/

Events and programme planning

Would you like to give a presentation or book a conference or meeting room?

If so, please contact Stephanie Weichhold (Phone: +49 (0)341 678-8286 / s.weichhhold@leipziger-messe.de).

How can I participate in the opening event or trade fair party?

As an exhibitor at denkmal, you are welcome to attend the opening ceremony and reception on 7 November 2024 at 7 pm in the Congress Center. Invitations will be sent by email beginning in October 2024.

If you have any questions, please contact Kerstin Ratzenberger (Phone: +49 (0)341 678-8127 / Email: k.ratzenberger@leipziger-messe.de).

What is CONTACT "denkmal" – Networking & Matchmaking and how can I take part?

CONTACT "denkmal" is a regular international cooperative exchange that is being organised for the ninth time by the Leipzig Chamber of Skilled Crafts (Handwerkskammer zu Leipzig). Participation is free of charge for denkmal exhibitors. Further information will be available on our website in April 2024.

Offers for young trade fair visitors

Young trade fair visitors (school pupils, young people, trainees, students) are also one of our target visitor groups at this year's denkmal. At the trade fair, young people will find a wide range of offers specifically for career orientation, job profiles, information on training and further education, etc.

In order to provide young people with a simple overview of the offers at denkmal, we would like to bundle this information on one website again. We would therefore ask you to send us a brief e-mail to s.weichhold@leipziger-messe.de with your offers for young people at your stand.

We need the following information:

  • What can young people find out about at your stand?
    • Apprenticeship
    • Internship
    • Job

  • What offers do you have at your stand (e.g. presentations, information on youth projects, craft activities on site, etc.)?