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metigo MAP 3D-Modul
A product of: fokus GmbH Leipzig
Pre-import of single point clouds/merged point clouds with the possibility of pre-selecting an object area. The point clouds of the individual positions are thinned out using an user-defined voxel size.
The structured point cloud enables hierarchical structuring of a merged object point cloud (e.g. → building part → storey → room → wall).
Using the functionality of the model view, 3D object data (SfM/TLS) can be projected orthogonally in and to scale onto a reference plane in metigo® MAP.
Horizontal and vertical sections can be generated for a 3D object (DSM or point cloud) based on a freely definable user coordinate system.
For the graphical evaluation, 3D polygons can be drawn directly in the 3D display of the point cloud, which are then projected as 2D elements onto the respective UCS-plane of the drawing.
The deformation analysis enables the analysis of geometric changes/deformations of a component to be evaluated on the basis of a reference geometry.

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