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The IntelligentMonitoringSystem is a radio-based monitoring system that can be equipped with various sensor nodes.

The following sensor systems are currently available:
eCrackProfi: for the determination, detection and assessment of crack activities depending on climatic data (temperature, humidity)
eWaterTH: for the measurement of entering liquids (flat roof, roof truss, ...) at the base of the sensor, as well as for real-time monitoring of temperature and rel. humidity development in insulation packages
eTH Profi: for determination and analysis of climate data in outdoor and indoor areas
eTH Basic: as indoor climate monitoring in historical buildings (churches, museums, ...)

That means
- no cable laying necessary
- sensor data for building condition analysis, building monitoring available online
- unlimited data storage in the cloud
- automatic alarm messages in case of exceeding/falling below limit values
- no control runs necessary


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