7 - 9 November 2024 denkmal
Ceramic wall and floor tiles - reproduction of originals from Art Nouveau and late 19th century
In our manufactories in Sieversdorf, Petersdorf and Altglietzen (Brandenburg, Germany) we have been manufacturing ceramic products for over 30 years using well-established techniques and recipes. GOLEM specializes in the reproduction of building elements such as bricks, shaped stones, facings and elaborate terracottas. In addition, we produce a large range of wall and floor tiles, which have emerged from the restoration of originals from the Wilhelminian era and Art Nouveau.


Mr. Tobias Klaus
GOLEM – Kunst und Baukeramik GmbH


GOLEM – Kunst und Baukeramik GmbH

Alte Frankfurter Straße 2a
15236 Jacobsdorf

Tel.: +49 33608 89910

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