7 - 9 November 2024 denkmal
GUTEX Thermowall-L plasterable wood-fibre insulation board for GUTEX ETICS

This plaster baseboard is great for implementing façades that are both slimline and secure, with a low number of joints as well as good insulation performance. The improved thermal conductivity of λ 0.040 W/mK ensures the special insulation performance of GUTEX plaster baseboard. In combination with its high thermal storage capacity of 2,100 J/kg, GUTEX Thermowall-L is the best-performing plaster baseboard for the Thermowall composite thermal insulation system. As the owner/developer of a structure build with this product, you stand to save a lot of energy – in terms of both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. And because this wood-fibre insulation board is very lightweight and compact, tradespeople can move and work with it quickly and easily on the construction site.

- Outstanding thermal insulation
- Convenient format
- Quick and easy handling


Mr. Patrick Porth
GUTEX Holzfaserplattenwerk - H. Henselmann GmbH & Co. KG