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CaLoSiL - CaLoXiL – CaSoPaL: The toolbox for the conservation of stone, mortar and plaster.
The product series CaLoSiL® - CaLoXiL® – CaSoPaL®, which contain nanolime (CaLoSiL®) alone or in combination with high-purity hydrated white lime, are highly effective materials for the built heritage conservation. CaLoSiL® is based on nanolime particles that are stably dispersed in various alcohols. Special products are "CaLoSiL®-Gel" which is used for re-alkalization of concrete and "CaLoSiL®-carb". This contains finest CaCO3 particles dispersed in ethanol and is used for paper preservation. CaLoXiL® products (injection and repair mortars, fillers, slurries) have excellent workability due to their special composition, which is based on nanolime and finest hydrated white lime, and lead to long-lasting preservations. Colloidal silica sols (SioXaL) are available especially for the strengthening of stone and mortar and for the production of stone replacement materials. Special desalination compresses are available for the desalination of masonry.


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