7 - 9 November 2024 denkmal
Solling sandstone
The Solling sandstone: At least since the end of the Middle Ages, the robust sandstones originating from the quarries of the Weser region have been split, hewn and used for roofing and partly also for facades. The Solling sandstone is the natural stone of the Weser Uplands in general and as a natural roofing material, the sandstone protected against the spread of fires in the increasingly growing and narrowing villages and cities. The old Solling stone slabs, some of which are now more than 150 years old, are cleaned, recycled and put back on the roof by our company. A large Storage place with historic and used Solling sandstone roof tiles is located on our company premises. Our specialist company buys used, still easily usable Solling sandstones – from old houses that are either abandoned or from those that now receive a more modern type of brick, for example made of clay or slate.


Mr. Dipl. Bauing. (FH) und Dachdeckermeister Ulrich Müller
Josef Müller - Bedachungen GmbH & Co. KG