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Lynatox air purifier on photocatalytic basis to remove organic pollutants from indoor air
A product of: Lynatox GmbH

The photocatalysis developed by Lynatox breaks down organic pollutants such as naphthalene, alkanes, benzenes, aldehydes, and other organic pollutants. What are the advantages?

  • avoidance of extensive, cost-intensive remediation measures
  • no need to remove pollutants from the premises
  • no filter change
  • harmless end products (CO₂ and H₂O)
  • space-saving installation on walls and ceilings
  • minimally invasive intervention in the wall or ceiling
  • customizable design
  • quiet and energy efficient
  • highly precise CO₂ traffic light
  • Warranty up to 5 years (through maintenance contract).

Lynatox provides this technology as an alternative to remediation, demolition, or the use of activated carbon and insulating film. In addition, the application is recommended:

  • after remediation (due to outgassing from secondary sources or building materials or due to lack of forced ventilation through tight windows)
  • before renovations (in order to use rooms until the planned renovation)


Mr. Maurice Heinemann
Lynatox GmbH


Lynatox GmbH

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