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A product of: Infralytica GmbH

INFRA//TWIN facilitates modern asset management strategies based on digital models of real structures, so-called Digital Twins. These are generated from high-quality images using photogrammetric 3D reconstruction to compute high-res georeferenced building models. Using BIM methods these are enriched with condition data to enable digital inspections and status documentation as well as structural simulations and assessments of structural safety.

INFRA//TWIN combines all processes for creating the digital twins and an automated processing, for example with AI-based damage detection, and makes them available in a cloud platform. A modern, high-performance web interface is available for visualising the models and offers tools for managing and interpreting all information as part of a life cycle management and predictive maintenance strategies.


Mr. Prof. Dr. Guido Morgenthal
Infralytica GmbH


Infralytica GmbH

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