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Natural plant-based insulating materials (impact sound insulation, strips, thermal insulation)
A Produkt of: EDEN Logic GmbH
EDENLOGIC impact sound insulation and insulation strips:
• Building material approved by German building authorities
• 100% natural product made from industrial hemp
• heat-insulating and sound-decoupling effect
• Dense fleece with good soundproofing properties
• Made in Germany

EDENLOGIC natural hemp insulation wool:
• Made from 100% natural, purely mechanically processed, finely broken down hemp fibers with a very low proportion of shives
• Particularly suitable for darning of narrow cavities
• Building biology and sustainable building material
• heat-insulating, sound-decoupling and sound-absorbing effect
• Made in Germany

EDENLOGIC joint tape / caulking tape:
• made from 100% hemp
• Fine-fibre natural product for filling and sealing very narrow, linear or round joints and gaps (plugs, pipe passages, etc.).
• Biologically healthy and sustainable building materialy


Ms. Kathleen Brooks
EDEN Logic GmbH


EDEN Logic GmbH

Breitenfelder Straße 12
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