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Restoration Glass | Antiqua
Restoration glass
Until the 1920s, hand-blown glass was traditionally used for restoration. That changed since the drawing process became standard.

Today, both hand-blown glass and glass produced by the drawing process are thermally tempered at Sollingglas according to individual requirements and are used as safety glass in many historic buildings.

Antiqua is a slightly wavy glass, which - depending on the requirements - consists of float or white glass. It is formed under high temperatures and thus acquires the character of an old historical glass.

Antiqua is an in-house development of Sollingglas. It is produced in-house and complies with the specified standards in restoration.

Antiqua can be coated as well as processed into safety glass - for example tempered safety glass or laminated safety glass - and is excellently suited as insulating glass for all areas of application.

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