7 - 9 November 2024 denkmal


News Overview

19/05/2022 Funding for Research and Practical Use in the Field of Building Maintenance and Monument Preservation: The WTA at denkmal 2022 The International Association for Science and Technology of Building Maintenance and Monuments Preservation (WTA) will be exhibiting on the collective stand of the Fraunhofer Information Centre for Regional Planning and Building Construction (Fraunhofer IRB) this year. The WTA general meeting and other large events should already have taken place in 2020 together with other institutions for monument preservation. They have now planned three different highlights as part of denkmal 2022: The International General Meeting, support for the event focusing on "Monument Preservation in Times of Climate Change" and the presentation of the "WTA Young Professionals Awards". Continue reading
17/03/2022 Castle Raesfeld Academy Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary at denkmal The Craft Academy at Castle Raesfeld located in the moated castle in Raesfeld in the district of Borken is a joint training facility of North Rhine-Westphalia's skilled crafts associations. Its establishment in 1952 was intended to provide trainees and company owners in the craft trades with more extensive business management skills and to prepare them for managerial tasks. Their current educational priorities are in the areas of business management and authorised expert services as well as monument preservation. For its 70th anniversary, the Castle Raesfeld Academy will also once again be in attendance at denkmal 2022. Continue reading